Through this letter, I want to put forward a serious issue of load shedding. It is one of the most ubiquitous matter of contention in our country. The issue has been very desolating for the national economy as the industries have been adversely overwhelmed due to this drastic shortfall and for an emerging nation; it is very hazardous to face a huge economical loss. Pakistan has many resources like coal and gas but it is still not producing thermal energy for generating electricity.

I consider it a very pensive subject, as students of all ages are highly influence by the shortfall of electricity, due to which there are multifarious problems and obstacles mounted in their way of success and goal achievement. There is no accession in the power-production where its consumption is multiplying day by day due to high population. Our government should cogitate this matter as an alarming portent and the production of electricity must be dealt attentively.


Rawalpindi, December 4.