We don’t have time to take care of them, is an excuse for the people now, with this emerging trend, by placing old parents to the senior citizen house, so many new houses are built by the private and government sector what for? I have a question for the people. Our parents cherished us from the day we came in their lives. Without any doubts they raised us, give us a place to stay, educated us and made us responsible human beings. Why is it now when they are fragile like when we were born that we can’t take care of them?

These homes should be for those who are childless and they do not have anyone to look after them. Children put their parents or even throw them in these homes as they find them a burden or they are just trying to please someone. Old parents are not burden, they are to be loved and taken care of.

Even in the Holy Quran, Allah has mentioned and instructed man to treat the parents with respect one of the good deeds to enter paradise. When our parents have sacrificed their whole life for us, the least we can do is to take care of them. Imagine how will you feel if your child throws you away when you grow old?


Islamabad, December 4.