Rawalpindi-City Police Officer (CPO) Israr Ahmed Khan Abbasi said that the ratio of crime incidents in the district decreased in 2016 as compared to 2015 as multiple steps were taken to improve performance of the police.

He said this at a press conference held in the Police Line Number 1 on Tuesday. He was flanked by SSP (Operations) Irfan Tariq and SSP Special Branch Haseeb Shah. Acting CTO Yousaf Ali Shahid, Divisional SPs Malik Muhammad Iqbal, Muhammad Ateeque Tahir and Iftikhar ul Haq, ASP Ali, DSPs Raja Taifoor, Chaudhry Ijaz, Farhan Aslam and others were also present on the occasion.  On the occasion, the police service commission has approved the retirement of SSP SB Haseeb Shah.

The CPO said that police registered 21 cases about kidnapping of children and recovered 20 out of 25 kidnapped children. Rawalpindi police registered seven cases of kidnapping for ransom in 2016 as 12 cases were registered in 2015.

In 2016, the police registered 363 robbery cases as the number in 2015 was 537. As far the cases of dacoity are concerned, the police registered 33 cases in 2016 and 47 in 2015, he added.

He said police registered 96 cases about car snatching in 2016 whereas the number was 137 in 2015. Furthermore, the police registered 1,052 cases about car and motorcycle theft in 2016 as the cases reached up to 1,458 in 2015. The police further registered 933 cases of theft last year whereas the number of similar cases was 1,116 in 2015.

As far as performance of the district police is concerned, the police arrested 363 criminals associated with as many as 97 different gangs and recovered Rs14.7 million in cash, 75 vehicles, 67 motorcycles, 215 pistols, three revolvers, three rifles, and 710 live bullets from them.

He said that the police under the National Action Plan carried out 964 search operations across the district in 2016. The police checked 57,934 houses, 324 hotels, two hostels, 20 inns, and 2, 23,000 individuals.

The police also arrested 4,227 proclaimed offenders last year, including 883 extremely dangerous outlaws. The district police office received as many as 7,365 complaints leading to registration of 304 criminal cases, he added.