MANDI BAHAUDDIN-In the current year, 75 people were murdered and 208 others were wounded in land and family disputes in Mandi Bahauddin district.

Among the killed persons, 27 belonged to Mandi Tehsil, 22 were from Phalia Tehsil and 26 were residents of Malakwal Tehsil. Among wounded persons 78, 69 and 63 persons belonged to Mandi, Phalia and Malakwal tehsils respectively. While talking to media persons, DPO Umar Salamat said this year, crime rate had decreased as compared to the previous year.

About causes of crime against persons, the DPO said most of the fights took place over land disputes and family issues. He further said police tried to manage reconciliation between the parties in cases of minor nature during investigation. Speaking about reasons of increasing crime, he said lack of justice, widening gap between the rich and the poor, financial disparity and intolerance are the main causes for crimes.

Talking on police performance, he said an all-out effort was made to control crime and provide protection for the citizens. Protective measures are also taken for maintenance of peace and tranquility, he said.

He added police duties are a big challenge and people’s cooperation is essential to maintain peace in the district. He said it was duty of every citizen to uphold law and justice and render volunteer support to police and law enforcing agencies.