Islamabad-Social and family pressure is one of the major reasons behind corruption in the country.

This was stated by Director General Awareness and Prevention Division of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Aliya Rashid during a lecture to the employees of National Highways Authority.

She said there is a need to create awareness among women and children and convince them to play their role against the menace. She claimed that women and children push their husbands and fathers to buy things such as cars, houses, mobile phones etc., just to compete with relatives or neighbours. “It is nothing but pushing a person sitting on a wheelchair to run. As every man wants to become a hero in the eyes of his wife and children, they try to fulfill the demands of their family members by using fair and unfair means,” she lamented. “If we keep hammering the word ‘Say No to Corruption’, people will definitely stop it,” she hoped. To prove her point, Aliya narrated an incident and said about two years ago she was walking in the F-9 Park when she came across four youngsters beating and abusing each other. I started offering prayers near the youngsters. Suddenly, I felt that the fight had stopped and one of the youngsters was asking the others not to make noise and not to try to pass in front of the ‘aunt’ offering prayers.

Aliya said the message, ‘Say No to Corruption’ had been written on postage stamps, utility bills, CNIC carrier papers, driving licences, ATM, railway tickets, postal envelopes, airport screens and newspapers in Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan. She said that the ill effects of the menace have become one of the greatest challenges that every country is confronted with. Chairman NHA Shahid Ashraf Tarar in his closing remarks appreciated the efforts of the guest speaker in creating awareness against the menace of corruption and forging a broader national consensus against it.