Marriage is a custom practiced by many in different ways according to the religion and culture of a specific place. Early marriage has been one of the major issues that Pakistan has had to face, especially in rural areas. According to a report by Save the Children, Pakistan is ranked 88th out of 144 countries where early marriage is a social norm effects majority of the female population. Perhaps the reason for it is the lack of education which allows people to make irrational decisions. Any attempts in terms of establishing law and order, like in the case of when the legal marriage age was to increase from 16 to 18, are thwarted by the Council of Islamic Ideology. 

The effects of early marriages on young girls are tremendous. They give up on opportunities to gain advanced education and lose the will to get employment. Another factory is the high risk they endure due to young pregnancies. All of these outcomes of early marriage can the countered by appropriate policies by the government. The media, being the most influential body, should highlight this issue more while the government runs awareness programs create increased awareness amongst the people. 


Shikarpur, November 14.