Islamabad-Inspector General of Police Islamabad Tariq Masood Yasin has issued new Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for transferring investigation of any case with an aim to ensure justice to the people as per law and satisfaction of the aggrieved parties.

Following this SOP, the investigation of complex and important cases would not be handed over to those investigation officers who failed in past to complete investigation of cases or negative things have been observed about their performance.

 SSP Islamabad would keep complete detail of the investigation staff provided by Zonal SPs and to categorize the investigation offices on the basis of their performance. Similarly, he would take regular progress report of the cases from relevant SDPOs, point out flaws in investigation process and suggest as how to improve investigation. In addition, SDPOs would ensure that investigation officer maintain complete record of under-investigation cases in files. In case, they are being relieved from the charge, they would give complete briefing on all aspects of the case to the new investigation officer, said the police officials on Tuesday.

According to new SOPs, investigation of any case could not be changed or transferred more than three times and decision of transferring any case would be made by the Board. On the first request to transfer the case, the Board headed by SSP (Operations) including Zonal SP, SDPO Circle and SHO of respective police station would decide after the opinion of members whether to transfer the case or not. The Board would review the reason behind the request to transfer the investigation which may be influence of one party, corruption, poor performance of investigator or ineffective techniques.

On the request for second time to transfer investigation, a Board headed by DIG (Operations) including SSP (Operation), SP (Investigation) and Zonal SP would decide.  A Board headed by IGP including DIG (Operations), SSP (Operations) and SP Investigation will decide on third request whether to transfer the case or not. These SOPs issued by IGP will be followed with immediate effect. The Board members will summon all parties of any case to appear before the Standing Board while investigation officer will be called along with record on the fixed date.

The meeting of the Boards will be held on weekly basis and decision about transferring the investigation would be made after hearing the version of all parties. The board recommending transfer of the case would be responsible to monitor further investigation process. In case of observing any flaw in the previous investigation, the Board will highlight it and take disciplinary action against the former investigation officer, said the police.