ISLAMABAD -  A meeting of Vice Chancellors from different universities of Punjab region was held on Tuesday at the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to discuss framework developed by Innovation Steering Committee (ISC) of the commission.

The framework of ISC was developed to support and strengthen offices of Innovation, Research and Commercialization (ORICs) established at various universities.

The ISC was established in March 2015 to further strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship activities in the Pakistani universities that will ultimately help create job opportunities as well as country’s economic empowerment.

 The Vice Chancellors appreciated the HEC’s initiative and its efforts for strengthening the ORICs to play their role effectively for research, innovation and commercialization.

Meeting with the Vice Chancellors of Sindh and Balochistan region is scheduled for January 16, 2017, thereafter the draft framework will be finalised and circulated among universities for implementation.

Executive Director HEC Dr Arshad Ali appreciated the interest of University heads for their active participation as well as valuable feedback to formulate a comprehensive framework.

“Though some institutions and individuals have performed very well in the recent years, yet there is a dire need to encourage maximum number of faculty members, researchers and students to embrace innovative and entrepreneurial endeavours,” he said.