The Sindh government has renewed its efforts to replace the Inspector General of Police (IGP) A. D. Khawaja. They asked for his replacement in a letter sent to the establishment division on Monday. Last year, the provincial government made the same move to remove IGP Khawaja but a group of activists approached the Sindh High Court (SHC) and challenged his controversial removal. The court then reversed the decision of the government and IGP Khawaja was ordered to complete his tenure.

The fact that the Sindh government is blatantly ignoring the decision of the SHC, makes everyone doubtful about their intentions. It is clearly stated by the Supreme Court (SC) that a police officer should not be transferred before the end of tenure without substantial grounds. This makes the government look even more culpable in the eyes of the masses; especially since tGP Khawaja has blames the government.  In a letter to CM Sindh, IGP Khawaja mentioned how Home Department and Services, General Administration and Coordination Department had been granting leaves to employees without his knowledge. Home minister Sindh had also unnecessarily summoned several employees. He had not been taken into confidence on the transfer of DIG Finance, AIG Operation and other important officials, while some were not even allowed to complete their designated time.

With all of this as evidence and the court not only reverting their decision to appoint a new IGP, but also declaring all postings and transfers carried out in the province after July 7 as illegal; the Sindh government needs to rethink its decisions. Respecting the verdict of courts is important. Carrying out meaningless campaigns every now and then will make the people judge their intentions and paint them as the guilty party. If the court has ordered him to complete his tenure, a party that believes in democratic principles must oblige.