Leadership is an art of inspiring people or groups to activate them for common destiny. Leadership gives us clear vision and turns the people to the right side of goals which side people follow willingly. Leadership provides information, knowledge and learns the people how they affect others by their vision. Leadership helps people to avoid conflict and to handle the conflict by a positive approach. Leadership enlivens the diseased minds and able the persons to act creatively.

21st century leadership is a recipe to handle challenges in the higher with the highest approach. 21st century leadership reflects the new and practical theories to handle the obstacles and stereotyped traditions which changed the way of thinking about service of the world. The 21st century leadership is not only the name of creative theories but also is the name of any network which works for the service of mankind. The 21st century leadership functions at the discipliner basis because without discipline nation cannot focus. The 21st leadership works at the dimensions of organizational life. The 21st century leadership express the wide range of abilities and skills which flourishes the various spheres of life. It spreads awareness and create cooperation between different type of minds. The 21st century also possesses the links to close the people by communication, dialogue and also facilitate people to become socially culturaled. It involves people to engage with the system because 21st century leadership basically works for the betterment of system.

Pakistan is facing many treats which is linked with the internal and external problem. We being a nation can fight those threats with unity and stability. There is also many security issues that’s why we need a stand and strong leadership to handle that threats with peace. Without right leadership we cannot fight the growing dangers. For the existence of Pakistan it is necessary to take practical steps to get better solutions and answer of our problem except the slogans and false promises. We earned hard freedom and if we left unchanged the growing dangers will get worse for our future.

Leadership should be recognized the basis of progress worth of freedom. Leaderships also have right democratic values and its implementation on society. National leadership should be clear handed and also has the policies and programs to rebuild nation. Leadership aimed to sustain the foundations of nation which our future will flourish. Pakistan is the nation of strong beliefs and has the quality of unmatched intelligent peoples. They have strength to overcome the every challenge and hardship. Pakistan is unique in its dedication. We have different constitutional democracy because our religion and our forefathers cleared it limits and basic rules.

We have total code of conduct and code of govern the people in our blessed religion. Therefore our constitution has not doubts. Our vision is already prescribed which we just followed by leadership. Leadership directs the people to their right decorative promotion and ensured them political stability. Leadership polishes our vision of founders and inspired people by applying the vision in new way. New world has many threats and challenges but there is need of leadership with new vision. Vision which connected with our past but not bound by outdated thinking. Pakistan needed a direction which guided the new generation to handle the system challenges.

By this vision new generation become the morally stable. Pakistan leaders should be willing to challenge broken system. Pakistanis have the ability to develop innovative solutions of our national problems. Leader should be aware about opportunity which leads a nation to get higher goals. Leadership has clear sense of what we stand for. Leader has ability to enhance the personal integrity determination and personal courage. Today we are again called to provide visionary leadership. Pakistani leaders will continue to face many challenges which will all have to be managed and turned into opportunities, for the welfare of the people.


Lahore, January 2.