KARACHI   -  Adviser to Chief Minister Sindh for Information, Law and Anticorruption Barrister Murtaza Wahab has said that PTI-led government which came to power with stolen mandate had completed 100 days and now near to complete century of u-turns. Latest u-turn has been taken to award dam contract to the company of sitting cabinet member.

The adviser questioned that awarding contract of Muhmand Dam on the basis of favouritism was not nepotism? He added that which principle was followed in awarding dam contract. In a statement on Thursday, Barrister Murtaza Wahab said that even newsmen were no longer safe from filthy language uttered by PTI ministers adding that such attitudes could not be described as politics by any standard. He said that rage became the identity of PTI as instead of answering quires they start losing temperament. He said that government machinery was accountable.  He said that before coming to power PTI have made tall claims to end nepotism but after coming to power, it was awarding to its blue eyed persons.