Air pollution is a problem that will put the world to an end. Still the mankind does not go for any remedy for it.

In Pakistan, air pollution is increasing day by day non-stopping. The people are facing a lot of problems due to this and the ecosystem is being damaged by this.

According to WHO, every year more then 4 million people die early because of air pollution. Mostly, it has become a worst issue in Pakistan. It is causing the diseases, such as, heart and bloodsteam or caners. Not only the human health but also the planet is in danger due to air pollution.

The people mostly burn the garbage for getting rid of them but they do not know that the smoke is much more dangerous then the garbage.

Recently, scientists have said that if air pollution is not controlled, it can destroy the world. So, I suggest to the public to not burn garbage on the roads and near to homes also I request to the government to take serious action about air pollution.