Masood Khan, President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, has emphasised the need to establish joint business ventures between the business communities of AJK and Balochistan. The AJK president extended his gratitude to the QCCI members for their support and invited the businessmen of Balochistan to visit the cities of Muzaffarabad and Mirpur.

Addressing at the Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industries (QCCI) during a meeting regarding business opportunities, President AJK said that “People affiliated with the mining sector of AJK should benefit from the experience of those working in the same sector in Balochistan. He further referred to the strategic importance of the projects asscoiated with economy: ''CPEC will bring economic stability to the whole country including the Azad Kashmir region.” 

The former president Jumma Khan Badezai and other members welcomed the AJK president at the chamber’s office and pledged their full support to the Kashmir cause. Kakar raised the issue of Indian oppression and said that Balochistan’s business community is vocal in opposition to atrocities in IOK. 

Badar ud Din Kakar, the QCCI Senior Vice President, stated: "The people of Balochistan stand by their Kashmiri brothers and sisters.”