A dustbin play a great role in a environment if any countries want that the country must be clean then dustbin is needed in each corner of country. In fact, mostly in Pakistan the people are not throwing the garbage in the dustbin and it also lack of dustbin in its citizens. However, we have to put the garbage on the dustbin, but unfortunately, we are throwing them in anywhere else.

That’s why our home, locality, street and cities will not be clean and we will occur different kind of diseases. It ture that we also need to clean the dustbin every day but, instead of cleaning it, we will not put our own wastes on it. If we want a good environment to breath pure air everyday then need to live a clean environment which help us to be apart from different diseases. Additionally, if we put our garbage on the dustbin then our beautiful country Pakistan will be more cleaner than the other countries. Now let’s clean up the areas around our environment, clean up, do the work yourself and do not wait for others to do it since the environment is your, put up posters and talk about pollution and its harmful effects.

I urge the all Pakistani to use dustbins because they can help us to clean our country and it is also requested to the government of Pakistan to provide more dustbins in its citizens.