ISLAMABAD-National Assembly Standing Committee on Health, led by chairman of the committee, Khalid Hussain Magsi on Friday visited National Institute of Health.

The members of the committee visited different divisions of NIH and appreciated the new initiatives and projects being implemented by NIH under the leadership of Executive Director Maj. Gen. Aamer Ikram SI (M). The chairman of the standing committee in particular lauded the complete transformation of the institute under its current leadership

Executive Director of National Institute of Health, Maj. Gen. Aamer Ikram briefed the committee about recent remarkable achievements of NIH and biological production and future plan for public health security of Pakistan.

He said that NIH is committed to support all healthcare institutions all over the country in the management of the public health issues in Pakistan. He thanked the committee for its continuous support to NIH especially in the mega project for Anti-Sera production.

He said that this lab will not only enhance the production capacity of Anti-Rabies Serum but also produce Anti-Snake Venom Serum, Anti-Tetanus Serum and Anti-Diphtheria Serum.

This achievement of NIH will fulfil the need of Pakistan.

The institute is working to implement the IHR-2005 and Global Health Security Agenda in the country to achieve international in health standards, he added.

Magsi and members took a tour of different department of NIH and Public Health Emergency Operations Centre and praised the efforts of NIH.