United States President Donald Trump authorised the resumption of the International Military Education and Training Program (IMET) for Pakistan on Friday which aims to strengthen the military to military cooperation between the two countries and for advancing the US goals linked with national security. Alice Wells, the United States Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs in the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs at the US Department of State, sought the use of Twitter  to announce the new plan.According to media reports, the Trump administration symbolically approved a resumption of Pakistani officers in the US military training and educational program more than a year after it was suspended, the State Department said.

The program “provides an opportunity to increase bilateral cooperation between our countries on shared priorities,” as Wells stated further, ''To strengthen military to military cooperation on shared priorities and advance US national security, President Donald Trump authorised the resumption of International Military Education and Training (IMET) for Pakistan. The overall security assistance suspension for Pakistan remains in effect," the State Department said. The State Department is organisation responsible for the functioning of IMET. The program comprised portion of the of US security aid programs for Pakistan worth some $2 billion that remain suspended on orders that Trump issued in January 2018 to force the nuclear-armed South Asian nation to launch offensive campaign against non-state actors. 

"Pakistan's Chief of Staff General Bajwa and I spoke today about US defensive action to kill Qassem Soleimani. The Iran regime’s actions in the region are destabilizing and our resolve in protecting American interests, personnel, facilities, and partners will not waver," US Secretary of State Pompeo had tweeted on Friday after the US airstrike near Baghdad International Airport.

According to Reuters, a second US official said on condition of anonymity stated that Pakistan is already in the process of selecting officers in order to to send a team to the United States. The cancellation of military training program led to 66 slots being removed which were held reserved in the same year for nominated Pakistani military officers. This cancellation is part of the initial policy shift in one of the first known impacts of Trump’s decision to halt security assistance. IMET affords spaces to foreign military officers at US military education institutions, such as the US Army War College and the US Naval War College. According to Reuters, A State Department spokeswoman said in an email that Trump’s 2018 decision to suspend security assistance authorised “narrow exceptions for programmes that support vital US national security interests.” The decision to restore Pakistani participation in IMET was “one such exception,” she said.