ISLAMABAD            -           Dismissing reports of attack on Gurdawara Janam Asthan in Nankana Sahib as “absolutely incorrect”, a Spokesman of the Ministry of Interior Friday clarified that nothing of the sort occurred at the Gurdawara.

“The insinuation that the Gurdwara was attacked is absolutely incorrect. In fact this incident was the result of an altercation between owner of a tea stall and customer,” the spokesman said in a statement issued here.

The spokesman said that the situation was absolutely normal and the media was free to visit and assess the situation itself.

“The law is being enforced and we are committed to providing security to all citizens,” the statement said.

The spokesman said that the government was committed to protect the rights of all citizens especially the minorities, adding the opening of Kartarpur Corridor was a manifest example of Pakistan’s commitment to respect for minorities.

According to details, two people namely Saqlain and Mumtaz Ali, the customers, had come to Zaman Malik Shop – near Gurdawara Janam Asthan - to take tea, and were beaten by Zaman, Iftikhar and Adnan after they complained of a fly in the tea cup.

SHO City upon receiving report of the scuffle responded and took in to custody the five persons involved in the scuffle and brought them to police station for preventive action.

It is important to note that Zaman and Iftikhar (uncle of Hassan) had eloped with Aesha Bibi/Jagjeet Kaur and Adnan (brother of Hassan).

Imran (brother of Hassan) started a protest and gathered people on the pretext that they were being targeted because his brother had eloped with Sikh girl and had converted her to Islam.

He along with 150 women and boys of the neighbourhood gathered in front of Gurdawara Janam Ashthan and staged protest.

It is important to note that issue was between two groups of Muslims and was related to the quality of tea alone, but Imran tried to turn it into a communal issue.

Meanwhile, Imran Ali Chishti, one of the persons involved in the brawl, in a video message from Nankana Sahib near the Gurdwara, posted on twitter said the issue had been resolved and situation was normal.

He also thanked the District Administration including DCO and DPO for their efforts in resolving the issue amicably.