LAHORE - The Lahore Development Authority has sealed all relevant record of its 11 housing schemes following detection of 131 bogus files pertaining to non-saleable plots in Johar Town worth billions of rupees. The scam was unearthed during the scrutiny procedure initiated for probing massive irregularities in land audit on special instructions of Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif. During initial inquiry, it has been found that these irregularities involved such plots which are meant for construction of parks, play grounds, educational institutions, hospitals and graveyards, and hence could not be sold out as per LAD rules. Sources informed that all the relevant record, possessed by the clerks and storekeepers for the last 30 years, has been taken back from them and handed over to joint committee of LDA and Anti Corruption Department. Team comprises Director Anti Corruption Lahore Region Ch Muhammad Saddiq, Deputy Director General (HQs) Ahmed Ali Zafar and LDA Resident Director Audit. Record from patwaris of acquisition branch and exemption branch has also been taken into special custody of the team, sources added. As a precautionary measure, the authority concerned is contemplating to put the names of all suspects in Exit Control List (ECL) to stop them from slipping way from the country, sources revealed. Following surfacing of the said scam, the LDA schemes falling in Gulberg I, II and III, Garden Town, Muslim Town, Allama Iqbal Town, Samanabad, Sabzazaar, Johar Town, Gujjar Pura, Taj Pura, Mohlanwal, Gulshan Ravi and other localities are also under strict scrutiny process. Sources disclosed that an influential cartel of clerks and highly-ranked officials of LDA were behind the scam of exemption files of those plots which could never been sold out, and yet they were sold out illegally. LDA had also set up separate record rooms for each housing scheme. Every concerned officer and directorate had been strictly directed not to make any proceeding on any file until findings were completed and fresh orders were issued by the higher authorities, sources said. Sources said that mafia of clerks and record keepers earned millions after selling out exempted plots and they were so strong and influential that none of LDA authority during any government could transfer them during 30 years. The 131 forged files found in Johar Town record include: JTAP-1039, JTAP-1850-, JTAP-A,E, D,C, JTAP-845-B, JTAP-3226, JTAP-1721, D, C, B, A, JTAP-1885, JTAP-N-133, JTAP-2009-A, 3077-A, JTAP-3209, JTAP-3176, JTAP-3208, JTAP-3210, JTAP-377-A, JTAP-3174-A, JTAP-3065-A, JTAP-3172, JTAP-3154-A-B, JTAP-3153-A-D, JTAP-1513, JTAP-1467-1468, JTAP-3191, JTAP-3213-A-B-C, JTAP-3212, JTAP-3211, JTAP-N-3148, JTAP-3199, JTAP-3183, JTAP-3096, JTAP-3188-A, JTAP-2076, JTAP-878, JTAP-N-3185, JTAP-N-3184, JTAP-N-3187, JTAP-3179, JTAP-3181, JTAP-3223, JTAP-3182, JTAP-3193, JTAP-3196, JTAP-3221, JTAP-3220, JTAP-3189, JTAP-3207-A, JTAP-3177, JTAP-3180, JTAP-3178, JTAP-3170, JTAP-3190, JTNB-II-1992, JTNB-11-1910/B-C, JTNB-11-1412/A-B, JTAP-2531, JTNAB-11-1198, JTNB-11-4252, JTNB-11-3463, JTNB-11-3462, JTNB-11-2826, JTNB-11-3399, JTNB-2707, JTNB-11-3398, JTNB-11-3321, JTNB-11-1068, JTNB-11-3321, JTNB-11-2151, JTNB-11-6136, JTNB-11-3459, JTNB-11-2222, JTNB-11-6149, JTNB-6148-A-B, JTNB-11-5743, JTNB-11-5743, JTNB-11-6111, JTNB-11-6125, JTNB-11-5708, JTNB-11-6125, JTNB-11-6104, JTNB-11-6133, JTNB-11-6129, JTNB-11-5679, JTNB-11-5756, JTNB-11-6122, JTNB-11-6100-A, JTNB-11-6101, JTNB-11-6131-A, JTNB-11-4818, JTNB-11-422-A-B-C, JTNB-11-5968-A, JTNB-11-6121, JTNB-11-6108, JTNB-6107, JTNB-11-6062, JTNB-11-5907, JTNB-11-6148.