During the World War II the three bigs - Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin - used to meet for mutual consultation in neutral Switzerland. They stayed in the same building for security reasons. On one such occasion in order to stress a point pursuant to overnight discussion, Roosevelt without advance notice barged into the room of Churchill. Churchill was lying stark naked in his bed. Roosevelt shut the door and turned back.  Sir Winston called him in saying " Come on come on Britain has nothing to hide from her allies". Several self-contradictory unstatesman-like statements lavishly issued by Asif Ali Zardari showed that either he is confused or he is deviating from the candid course, hiding something unlike Sir Winston Churchill. PPP Co-Chairperson said the other day although PPP did not accept Pervez Musharraf as constitutional head of state yet indeed he was sitting in presidency as a reality. He does not differentiate between despotically deposed judges and those illegally appointed by Musharraf under personal constitutional order.  He said as per charter of democracy no pro-PCO judges could be accepted but the political parties would take decision according to the situation emerging in the country. Zardari said Z.A. Butto preferred to live in the anals of history as a hero rather than living in this world under the label of compromising principles on the pressure of a dictator. He espouses Bhuttoism but at the same time ignores that Z A Bhutto refused to accept Ziaul Haq as de facto ground reality. Had Z A Bhutto fearfully compromised, the history of PPP would have been different.  The electorate, the popular sovereign, had given a positive anti-Musharraf verdict on February 18. Instead of feeling strengthened by popular vote, Zardari harbours fears latently lurking in his mind. This was manifest in his statement that he and Nawaz Sharif would be in Landhi jail in case presidency was not got vacated by Musharraf. Not Zardari but Musharraf should have been afraid for having subverted the constitution more than once. For eight long years Musharraf and his coterie have been trumpeting that their policies had lent political stability to the country and put it on the road to progress. This has been belied by the World Bank. Its recent report has assigned the top position to Pakistan for misgovernance, instability and violence. Pakistan stands twenty-first with regard to corruption control. Beating Zardari and Musharraf a Churchill like candid course was shown by a young student Sammad Khurram. He the other day ignored the extended hand of US ambassador for shaking that of Sammad. On being called for receiving an award at a ceremony in Islamabad Sammad straight went to the mike to turn down the certificate in protest against US attacks on Pakistan territory. "My refusal to take award from Anne W Patterson was inspired by 'big no' of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chardhary to Pervez Musharraf", said Sammad in a press statement. He said he was living in USA to complete his studies at Harvard University. He decided to come back to the country when the legal fraternity came out on streets protesting, against Musharraf for freedom of judiciary and reinstatement of illegally deposed judges. The lawyers movement inspired him to stand against injustice. He said he had been arranging several protests against Musharraf imposing emergency on November 3. His university administration and other students encouraged him. With full support from his friends  he was able to constitute an organization namely Students Action Committee (SAC) in Harvard University USA and in other universities located in different areas of Pakistan. He said all of his friends on the platform of SAC have been participating in the judiciary independence movement of the lawyers. He was optimist that it would meet success soon. Candid enough was also the speech of Jan Muhammad Jamali, Deputy Chairman of the Senate on the floor of the Upper House during discussion on the Federal budget.  It is unfortunate that the emotive manner in which Jamali projected the political and economic deprivation of people of Balochistan and resultant frustration prevailing there has not sufficiently stunned the general public. This should have been taken as a wake-up call by the entire nation. Jamali belongs to the family that had most friendly relations with father of the nation. Hence his sense of patriotism and dedication to federalism is beyond question. This was in utter frustration that he referred to the threat to country's integration saying that if prompt and proper remedial measures were not taken, a time might come when Pakistan would need visa for Balochistan. Sometime back Asif Ali Zardari had tendered public apology to people of Balochistan for past negligence. Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has sanctioned a grant of Rs three billion to help the province to prepare its budget. The Prime Minister has also set up a committee to look into the gas related issues like settling the royalty. The matter indeed needs to be tackled in its entirety. During Musharraf's misrule two committees had been set up on Balochistan. But none yielded any fruitful result. Chairman of one of the committees Syed Mushahid Hussain is on record to have stated that military hawks (who seek settling issues by use of force) succeeded in scuttling their findings. Mere candid utterances alone may not deliver. There is a need for removing stumbling blocks to pave the way for democracy and political, economic and social justice.