ISLAMABAD - The construction work of new "Faiz Ahmad Faiz Auditorium" of Pakistan Academy of Letters started here on Thursday. "With the completion of this auditorium the long-standing desire of men of letters from Islamabad to have an auditorium equipped with modern facilities, will be fulfilled", said Chairman of Academy of Letters Iftikhar Arif while briefing the staff her on Thursday. He said with the construction of 'Faiz Ahmad Faiz Auditorium' many literary institutions and organisations besides Pakistan Academy of Letters would be able to hold their functions. "The new Auditorium has a seating capacity of 400 audiences while the total area of the Auditorium is 15,858 sq.ft. The new "Faiz Ahmad Faiz Auditorium" includes the committee rooms, offices, hall and allied services", he further added. He informed that the auditorium would be two-storey; art gallery and a literary museum will also be constructed stage by stage in the auditorium. Giving details about the auditorium, Iftikhar Arif said that the literary celebrities of Pakistani literature will decorate the art gallery. In the literary museum, the items belonging to the literary celebrities will be placed. The auditorium will also contain the state of the arts audio and video facilities. Iftikhar Arif thanked Jahangir Bashar, Secretary Education, Ateeq-ur-Rehman, Senior Joint Secretary, Ejaz Raheem, Member, Social Secretary Planning Comission, Dr Fayyaz Ahmed, Joint Educational Advisor, Policy Planning Wing, Ministry of Education, Talib Hussain, Chief Education, Planning Comission, Saif-ur-Rehman, Assistant Chief Education, Planning Commission, Dost Mohammad, Financial Advisor, Ministry of Education, Ali Asghar, Deputy Financial Advisor and Arif Majeed, Joint Educational Advisor Curriculam Wing for finalising the auditorium project.