Islamabad High Court (IHC) has issued notice to the government on the petition of the wife of Dr. Abdul Qadeer complaining against the Deputy Attorney General (DAG) for having committed contempt of court.The hearing of the petitions relating to Dr.Qadeer's habeas corpus will be held on July 15. Wife of Dr. Qadeer, Honey Khan's lawyer, Barrister Iqbal Jaffery complained to the Chief Justice, Sardar Muhammad Aslam against DAG for her client's application not fixed for hearing, which prompted the court to call for the file and heard the case. Honey Khan in her application has cited thirty such evidences, which prove that Dr. Qadeer was in illegal custody. The lawyer told the court that Dr. Qadeer's elder daughter was not allowed to meet him for one year, while the detained nuclear scientist never issued statement against the country and the religion and the DAG statement comes within the purview of misleading the court. According to the lawyer, Honey Khan urged for constituting a commission comprising of Generals Waheed Kakar, Aslam Beg, legal expert S. M. Zafar, former CJs Saeeduzzaman and Ajmal Mian for a probe into the violation of Official Secret Act.