ISLAMABAD - The Parliamentary Leader of Pakistan Muslim League (PML-Q) in the National Assembly, Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat, Thursday said that 100-day confused management of the government had caused 22 per cent overall inflation in the country with 30 per cent increase in food and 45 per cent in oil prices. "The 100-day of the government have brought no relief for the inflation-stricken people of the country and the regime has virtually failed to fulfill the pledges it had made with the nation during electioneering. No promise made by the prime minister in his maiden speech could be materialised indicating the ruling coalition has totally missed its own set baseline," said Hayat in a press conference while issuing white paper 'The 100 Days Betrayal-Starring Coalition Government' by PML-Q on the 100 days performance of the coalition government. He said that PM had stated that 100 days performance of the government would define its future path. "Today after the completion of 100 days, no step announced at the floor of the House has been fulfilled due to mismanagement and poor governance," he noted. He said that sitting rulers before elections were claiming rhetorically that price would be reverted to 1999 position but he added, "The inflation has mounted many times in the last 100 days". He said that PML-Q would not ask the government to resign against the past practice but would continue pressurising it to govern efficiently and fulfill pledges. Assailing ruling coalition's internal rifts, Hayat said that the government could not succeed in establishing supremacy of the Parliament and was involved in political blame game. "The ruling coalition's focus on non-issues has turned people lives' miserable and they are crying with agony, after new government's installation," he added. He said that incompetence of PPP could be gauged from the bitterest fact that despite the lapse of more than three months, it could not find the clue of Benazir's assassination. "PPP leaders insistently say that they have won public mandate owing to the sacrifice of Benazir Bhutto but the party has yet completely failed to unearth the conspiracy behind her murder," he added.     He said that despite the fact that two major ruling coalition partners had the experience to run the affairs of the state, the incumbent government had badly failed to deliver anything to the nation in the last 100 days. "Instead of repeated pledges for the restoration of deposed judiciary, the coalition has failed to keep its word and is further perplexing the issue that has kept the whole nation hostage for months," he maintained.    Faisal Saleh Hayat noted that PPP had even failed to fulfill its pledges made in the party's manifesto. "The slogan of five Es of PPP has vanished in the smoke," he said, adding that the government's ministers could not dare contradicting his facts-telling speech during budget session. "PML-Q government handed over sound, vibrant economy to interim dispensation on November 15," he maintained. He said that no national agenda could be forwarded with blame game politics. "We admit that inflation is hitting globally but I ask the government that how other developing countries are capable to tackle the issue successfully while we are watching hour to hour deterioration in economy," he argued. He stated that PML-Q had set new traditions while playing its role as an opposition. "We accepted election results, gave confidence vote to PM, avoided and will avoid destabilising democratic order but on the other hand, ruling coalition partners are always at loggerheads with one another," he added.    Flaying armed operation in the tribal areas, he asked the government whether peace talks had failed or the government deliberately sabotaged them. "NWFP government's version does not match with that of Rehman Malik and Sherry Rehman and also contrary to the statement of PML-N Chief Mian Nawaz Sharif. Is it not a complete breakdown of governance," he maintained.  He castigated the impression that presidency was hatching conspiracies against the government. Hayat said that country was facing leadership crisis and if the ongoing decline was not arrested immediately, it could bring catastrophic situation in coming days. Criticising PML-N, he said that the party had adopted dual policy. "At the one hand, PML-N is the major ruling coalition partner and another, it leads long march and stages protest demonstration against the government. One day it votes for the passage of finance bill, having the clause of SC judges' strength increase, but other day claims that the party will never accept assimilation of PCO judges," he argued. To a question, he said that incumbent economic volatility could again drive the country into the merciless clutches of IMF.    PML-Q Parliamentary Leader said that government had announced to build new dams but in the last 100 days, it had not launched any project or presented any plan regarding it in the Parliament. He said that austerity vows of PM were just eyewash as the ministers were using larger cars. Citing the white paper, he said that the government had failed to establish employment commission, launch national employment scheme, set up madrassah welfare authority, run CNG buses, start construction of housing units, promote sunflower cultivation and begin crop insurance scheme.  Sheikh Waqas Akram, who was present on the occasion, said that government had yet not announced any package for tribal areas. "The government has failed to create employment opportunities for jobless rather PPP workers are being inducted into government organisations by bypassing the merit," he alleged. He said that the government was involved in victimisation and was bypassing Parliament while making crucial decisions. "Against its tall claims for generation of electricity in the country, the government neither announced rentals nor launched public private partnership projects in the last 100 days in energy sector," he noted. Sheikh Waqas said that PM had announced to abolish FCR in FATA but from the day first it was stuck in confusion and no concrete step had been taken in this connection. "In the same manner government cannot abolish NAB," he added. He said that the government in its first 100 days had failed to maintain law and order as in 35 sectarian incidents, 106 people were killed and 280 sustained injuries. He said that the government had failed to promote energy conservation plan. "The government has failed in implementing closure of markets at night on time and also could not distribute energy saving bulbs in volume. Cabinet has also rejected energy saving plan of government," he added.