KARACHI - The CDGK policy of introducing private-public partnership in its different projects is gaining momentum as number of basic civic problems are being resolved through establishing the Institute for Advancing Careers and Talents (IACT) in collaboration with Habib University Foundation (HUF) in Malir tTown For the first time at the local administration level, fashion designing, textile designing, IT courses, call centre and English language classes have been initiated in the first phase where 134 students (52 females and 82 males) enrolled, the EDO CDD Rehana Saif told the newsmen on Thursday. She said in the second phase (August 2008 onwards), Digital Media, Retail Store Management, English Language, Graphics for Desktop Publishing and Web Designing courses will be offered for the younger generation of the area. Besides, in the summer courses, commenced from June 2008, 425 students are participating in different courses including Information Technology, Fashion Designing, Textile Designing, Handicrafts, English Speaking Club and cooking classes are being carried out on regular basis. Rehana said that this project got immense response from local residents.  Rehana Saif contacted to the HUF, a leading industrial, financial and philanthropic group of the country to get support for various educational and health institutions. The HUF took the task and renovated the building to provide education in jobs-oriented subjects in which employment opportunities could easily be available to the participants of the said courses. Nooruddin B. Merchant, project director IACT, told the institute is a youth development project aiming to enhance entrepreneurship and technical skills of youth so as to equip them with skills for the job market. The HUF began reconstructing and refurbishing the defunct and dilapidated building to transform it into a modern, vibrant learning facility. The Foundation has already spent Rs. 11 million and will invest another Rs. 13 million for its further uplift. Annual operational costs are estimated to be Rs. 8.76 million, he said. Merchant said the facilities, being provided here, include IT lab, call centre classroom, high speed servers with DSL connection, fashion and textile designing classroom, seminar hall with multimedia and WIFI internet, lawns, canteen and material shop. Construction is underway for ceramics and pottery studio, library and kitchen for culinary classes. The Institute became operational in February 2008, and first phase of courses started in March. All courses are offered at subsidised tuition fees at RS6,500/- per student, he added. It places an integral focus on self-development, confidence and team building activities for young people through its 'Skills for Life' programme. Internships and field experiences form an essential component of the Institute's operation through which it connects skilled young people to the job market. Merchant mentioned the main aspect of this project is the provision of jobs to the trained students. It is interesting to note that the students who were getting training in web designing and IT courses all belonged to middle and lower middle classes of the society but were talking in English when the newsmen team visited the centre. The Institute for Advancing Careers and Talents is located in Saudabad, Malir. In October 2007, the CDGK offered the Pilot Social Welfare Complex to HUF for housing IACT and within a short period it gained popularity among the people of the area. Rafiq Habib, Chairman Habib University Foundation and Mustafa Kamal, City Nazim, inaugurated the Institute for Advancing Careers and Talents in the last week of May. It is also learnt that the City Nazim allocated two plots adjacent to the institute for launching new programmes.