No doubt democracy, rooted in good governance, is the best policy and panacea of all for the social, political, and economic challenges being grappled with by our people. In the aftermath of our struggle of the last 60 years, we have succeeded in achieving a material democratic culture of sorts wherein we have assemblies, MNAs, senators, ministers, Chief Ministers and Prime Minister etc but still lack the political, economic, social and legal rights. It is claimed that ours is the people's government but irony is that there is no security of lives and properties of the people in it. There is no provision of food for them nor any system of rapid administration of justice. There is no sanitation, no education or health facilities. There is a desperate need for generating a sense of altruism, commitment and sincerity with the people our political leaders. -SHAIKH ABDUL RASHEED, Shikarpur, via e-mail, June 20.