One very common myth projected by the western politicians, and its media is that the Muslim world does not want Islam. For years the West argued that Muslim all across the world want democracy and freedom rather then Islam. They had argued only a minority of people in Pakistan and Afghanistan want Islam. They have a conviction that the majority of the world was smitten by the West and wants to live by capitalism. But only a small fraction of 'modernist' Muslims -having joined the bandwagon - agree today that the Muslim world does not want Islam or is not ready for it. On the contrary, the opinion-makers in the west have a different insight now. They are convinced that the Muslim world wants Islam and therefore they need to defend themselves from the emergence of such a threat. The US National Intelligence Council published a report following its 'global 2020' project, entitled 'mapping the global future'. The report concluded that the appeal of Islam today revolved around the call to return to earlier roots of Islam where the Islamic civilization was at the forefront of global change under the Caliphate. The report portrayed a fictional scenario 'of how a global movement fuelled by radical religious identity could emerge. -SYED SHARIQ, Lahore, via e-mail, June 20.