When (General) Musharraf was about to retire, Destiny transmuted him into Pakistan's president using Nawaz Sharif as a tool. Like President Bush, Destiny loves playing dirty tricks with innocent human beings. As a young man, Musharraf joined the army. He had planned his life's journey. He firmly believed that gradually he would rise higher and eventually retire as a general. Undoubtedly, the presidentship of Pakistan must not have figured in his career's roadmap. But Destiny kept maliciously laughing. It had its own plans up its sleeve for Musharraf the soldier. Musharraf was helpless. He played in Destiny's hands as a baby plays in its mother's lap. If the masses keep trumping: "Go Musharraf, Go", they are being unreasonable. If as a soldier, Musharraf did something unsoldierly he must be accountable for it because he became a soldier by choice. But if as president he did something unpresidently he cannot be held responsible for it because he did not become president by choice but the presidentship was clamped upon him by Destiny. Since Destiny Presidentised him, it is Destiny which is responsible for whatever he did as president. However, one thing goes in President Musharraf's favour. He accepted Destiny's commandant cool-headedly. Had an ordinary Pakistani been Presidentised by Destiny, he might have instantaneously died of extreme excitement. Once an ordinary man won a lottery worth millions of dollars. He was so excited that the excitement destroyed his breathing system. He was killed by the dollars-flood. But Musharraf the soldier was made of a different stuff. When Destiny presidentised him how he immediately reacted to this heavenly bonanza is a secret which he is keeping under his carpet. Pakistan is a country where Destiny has been ruling since the country's birth. All our rulers have been destiny's creation. If Destiny has been extraordinarily generous to a particular class of Pakistanis, it has at the same time been extraordinarily cruel to the masses. There are many roads which lead to the presidentship of Pakistan. But the smoothest and broadest road is the road called the Military Autobahn. And in Pakistan, Destiny prefers to use this road for elevating its blue-eyed boys to the presidentship. In our world there has never been a greater dictator than Destiny. The masses are miserable. They have always begged every government to be emancipated from their misery. Unfortunately, they have Destiny's pocket. They must sue Destiny: "Please Destiny Rid us of our misery. We'd be eternally grateful for the favour." If the begging succeeded in melting Destiny's heart then Destiny would create a genuinely revolutionary leadership for the masses. Consequently, their misery would flee the country to save its own life. The miserable masses have been eternally asking: "What sort of crimes have we committed that we have been so mercilessly punished?" Probably, they are being punished for being born in Pakistan. The air is thick with the rumours that the president is packing up. If the rumours are true then it is not the president who is pack-up but it is Destiny which is packing up the president. And what Destiny now intends to do with him is Destiny's own private affair. The most crucial question of the day is: "Will things get better or worse in a Musharrafless Pakistan?" Only Destiny knows. Unfortunately, Destiny has so far has been extremely hostile to the masses. But sometimes miracles happen. Maybe Destiny miraculously becomes compassionate. If it does, then this miracle would be more miraculous than the miracle of Pakistan's birth. There was a time when Destiny ruled the world. But the European Industrial Revolution flung Destiny out of Europe. As more and more regions industrialised themselves they too flung Destiny out of their bounds. They became their own Destiny. As the empire of industrialisation has been expanding, the empire of Destiny has been shrinking. In a country where the masses are reasonably well off there you would see Destiny rotting in a prison cell. When the miserable masses of a country blame the rich rulers for their misery, the rulers defend themselves by blaming Destiny for the misery. So Destiny has been a great protector of the phenomena-rich rulers of the phenomenally poor masses. Obviously, when the rulers pacify the masses by ascribing their misery to Destiny the rulers play a monstrously immoral game. If, somehow the masses were to come to know the reality, they would either burn the rulers or burn themselves. The writer is an academic