LAHORE - Lawyers speaking at the Lahore High Court Bar General House meeting here Thursday charged General (retd) Pervez Musharraf for making Pakistan a 'US Colony' after he had breached the Constitution many times. The speakers criticized PPP for supporting Musharraf and providing him 'oxygen' in a situation when the people through vote on February 18 have 'buried' him politically. Alluding to PPP, they said, a party in the coalition says that people have not voted it to power for the sake of judges' restoration but the way it was administering things, shows that this party was voted to power for the sake of US sycophancy, to add to the price hike and follow dictates of Pervez Musharraf. The masses had, in fact, politically 'buried' Musharraf but the coalition partner is sustaining him by providing him 'oxygen,' said former President SCBA Hamid Khan, Secretary Lahore High Court Bar Association Rana Asadullah Khan, Member Pakistan Bar Council Hafiz Abdul Rahman Ansari, senior advocate Allah Bux Gondal, Atir Mahmood, Amanullah Choughta, Muhammad Arshad Virk, and Jamil Chaudhary while speaking to the House at the weekly protest day of the lawyers movement for the restoration of November 2 judiciary. The speakers strongly condemned the statement of the US official, Richard Boucher, that the problem of the Pakistani nation was not Musharraf but surging prices. "This is highly shameful and cheap on the part of the American emissary,' they said adding, Musharraf repeatedly violated the constitution and now the situation is, he had made the country a 'US colony' wherein the patriotic people feel hard to live. On the statements of PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari and the Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, the speakers condemning the same said, in a civilized country even the protest by a few hundreds makes the government to attend to their grievance and demands but here the functionaries have made fun of the gathering of the lakhs instead of addressing their demands. The speakers said anti-lawyers forces on the question of sit-in on June 14 in Islamabad, were executing conspiracies to create rift among the lawyers and to defeat their movement. They said the decision of not staging a sit-in outside the Parliament building reflected lawyers intentions that they wanted parliament and the democracy to thrive and get stronger. But, they said, the present parliament instead of commanding sovereignty, was treading the same course which the last Parliament was doing under the stewardship of General Musharraf. The sitting Parliament, they said, is powerless like the last one which was proved by the fact that without getting its approval military operation is going on in Fata only to please America. The speakers also expressed reservations over the statement made by a social worker, Abdul Sattar Edhi, on the lawyers' movement and said, what Mr Edhi is doing is undoubtedly a great human service but the cause of independence of judiciary through the restoration of deposed judges and to ensure a complete and fair justice to the masses, which the lawyers are carrying in their movement, are indeed equally noble and great. They asked Edhi to do his job and let the lawyers do theirs. The speakers said lawyers were bent upon continuation of their movement until judiciary would be independent and strong and a stable democracy is ensured through it. Not only the lawyers of Punjab but the whole class of lawyers in the country is with the movement, they said throwing a challenge that who can dare impose governor rule in Punjab to fizzle out their movement (being supported by the Punjab Government).  The speakers reposed full confidence in the lawyers' leadership and said, whatever decisions are made by it, would be fully respected and followed. The speakers also rejected the constitutional package of PPP government terming the same a bid by the PPP co-chairperson to evade fulfillment of the commitment made on March 9 last about the judges' restoration through an executive order. The House also approved a resolution presented by former Finance Sectary of the Bar, Rabiya Bajwa, to condemn the closure of human rights cell at the Supreme Court which previously was set up by the deposed Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. The resolution termed closure of the Cell as amounting to a constitutional violation for it provided suo moto jurisdiction to take action on the matters of public importance. The resolution also demanded of the rulers to restore the November 2 judiciary without any delay. The house carried another resolution, presented by advocate Dil Fareb Subhani, to condemn the military action in Fata and called for its immediate halt. It said innocent people were being killed in the operation going on at the behest of America. It said the situation in the tribal areas was very tense due to the operation and it may yield very serious consequences in case the operation does not stop immediately. The resolution warned the rulers that they operation in Fata may hit back them very strongly.