LAHORE - Honorary Consul of Germany (HCG) in Lahore, Mr Anees-ur-Rehman has said that German investment in energy, water and environment sectors will be most welcome in Pakistan. He said this while addressing a farewell dinner, he hosted the other day in honour of Dr Gunter Mulack, the outgoing Ambassador of Federal Republic of Germany. He said that Pakistan's distorted image abroad was a hindrance in attracting foreign investment and asked the ambassador to help project the true image of Pakistan in Germany and at the international level. Anees-ur-Rehman said that during his three years stay in Pakistan Dr. Mulack travelled far and wide to every corner of the country to meet people paying little attention to his security. The HCG praised the German Ambassador for his contribution in the establishment of a technical university on German model in Lahore, opening of Metro and the start of Lufthansa flights between Frankfurt and Lahore. The outgoing Ambassador in his speech said that during the three years of his stay in Pakistan he travelled extensively throughout Pakistan and enjoyed hospitality of Pakistani people. He said that the country had gone through difficult times but it was now hoped that country would prosper under the democratic system. He emphasized that government must take care of the youth and provide them employment otherwise they could fall prey to the extremists. It should be a priority for the Government to shorten the gap between the poor and the rich. He said Pakistan could be among the top tourist attractions in the world as it has beautiful valleys and mountains. He said he was very impressed with the spirit of comradeship and dedication, which Pakistanis demonstrated during the 2005 earthquake. Leaders must motivate them to be united and work together for the development of the country. He said Germans after the World War II devastation worked tirelessly in rebuilding Germany into an economic power and today it is world champion in exports. Pakistanis should follow that example. He said he would definitely do whatever he can to correct the image of Pakistan abroad.