After the formation of the coalition government, a section of the press, including some columnists cum intellectuals, switched over from being advocates of pro independent judiciary to being proponents of a docile judiciary. They started propagating the line that a free judiciary cannot provide cheap flour nor can it alleviate poverty or end long hours of load shedding. They said the lawyers, and the PMLN, were working to derail democracy; that the Parliament is supreme and it should decide about everything including the judicial issue without constraint of a deadline. In the response to these illogical and provocative harangues against the noble cause of the lawyers' movement, the leaders of the judicial movement have mostly kept their cool and observed utmost restraint. The anti judiciary lobby has especially sprung into action since the long march and started attacking the movement in press discussions and op-ed columns and commentaries. Despite all the criticism, the lawyers braced themselves well in organizing the long march. They braved searing heat and reached to their destination. Media provided full converge to the event and it is now part of our political history. -GULSHER PANWHER, Dadu, via e-mail, June 20.