The other day, I read an article by Hamayun Gohar published in The Nation on June 15, 2008 titled "Why blame America". It was astonishing that this political analyst only blames Pakistan for all our ills and evils. Pakistani politicians, particularly military dictators like General Zia-Ul-Haq and General Pervez Musharraf have made blunders in cooperating with America in Afghanistan, especially in the so-called War on Terror. But now the whole world is condemning George Bush for his cowboy attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan. The US has been defeated in Iraq and will meet the same fate in Afghanistan. By killing our own people in the tribal belt at the behest of US, we are playing a very vicious game to destabilize Pakistan. If there was real democracy and a strong Parliament, our government would never have opted for such anti-Pakistan policies. America is to be blamed for sabotaging our democracy and installing puppets like they did in Iran during the Shah's reign. My request to Mr. Humayun Gohar is to be an objective and not get carried away by his bias in favour of various military dictators. The same bias was evident in his late father Mr. Altaf Gohar who had supported General Ayub Khan. -YASIR ALI KHAN, Attock, via e-mail, June 19.