The Punjab government finally banned performance of Juma prayers on the streets by blocking a traffic passage. Even, though, the government did it for the wrong reason, its time our Ulema gave this subject some thought. Where in Islam does it say that people are allowed to say prayers by blocking roads and streets and causing inconvenience to the public. Prophet Muhammad, PBUH used to ask people to remove even a small stone from a thoroughfare so that no inconvenience is caused to anyone. If there is not enough space inside our mosques to hold Friday congregations, what is wrong with having two or three congregations of Juma prayers with a gap of 15 minutes. More than one funeral prayers are allowed as long as a different Imams head the prayers. We could do the same at Juma prayers and let the faithful say their prayers in a decent manner with out prostrating on the streets to inconvenience the public. -ZAHIR KHAN, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, June 27.