THE news on the PML(Q) front is that its intra-party elections are expected to take place on August 12. The incumbent President, Ch Shujaat Hussain, who is the nucleus of attention from all quarters, will definitely have a tough time contesting these elections. For one thing, he has been for too long the President and for another, there are those within the party who want someone else as President of the party. To all intents and purposes, the way the party has been run so far, especially with the Chaudhry clan at the helm, will appear to be a far cry from the parameters and ideals set by democracy. Many view this as another example of the personalization of politics in Pakistan. The dilemma of our political parties is that they have become private enterprises of single persons or families. As it is, reportedly, the PML-Q's top brass, in order to have Ch Shujaat Hussain elected for yet another term as President of the party, is planning to resort to what would appear to be desperate measures, including cancellation of memberships of the dissidents. Now this is no ordinary matter, because at stake is the survival of the party itself as a political entity. Reportedly, the party's top guns say it is time the renegades were punished, but rather than letting the emotions get the better of one, it would be pragmatic to let good sense prevail. Given the fact that the party's general council, which would be making the final decision besides conducing the elections, the Chaudhry cousins could do well by being neutral. Allowing the body to carry out its duties in an impartial way will help a lot.