PESHAWAR - Seventeen militants were killed and 35 others injured as a result of drone attacks on the compounds of Taliban militants. The missiles were fired by two American drones in South Waziristan Agency on Friday. The killed and injured included several foreigners and non-local militants. The drones targeted the hideouts and compounds of local and foreign militants at village Sarooki situated between Kokatkhel and Zafar Khel in Sarwaiki Tehsil of South Waziristan. Two missiles hit the target while the third went missing, the officials in Wana informed. The local tribesmen informed that soon after the missile attacks, the militants cordoned off the site and went for rescue activities on their own. They said militants shifted four bodies to an unknown place. There were conflicting reports regarding casualties. The civilians of the area believed that from 15 to 17 were killed whereas the officials believed that 12 were killed. However, the local tribesmen apprehended an increase in the death toll as the condition of several injured was stated to be precarious. The local tribesmen informed that Mufti Noor Wali, a militant commander was running the compounds where a large number of local and foreign militants were present. Besides others, Commander Raees was also present but he reportedly survived. The site is situated at a distance of four kilometres from the village of Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud. The targeted compounds were also close to the camps run by Afghan militant commander Maulvi Sangeen. Maulvi Sangeen is stated to be a very close and confidential aide of Sirajuddin Haqqani, son of Jalaluddin Haqqani. It merits mentioning that the US led allied forces targeted the compound of militants soon after the abduction of their military official. It is apprehended that US forces are likely to further intensify missile attacks. Even some of the Afghan analysts like Jan Ullah Hashamzada believe that kidnapping of the US military official is likely to pave the way for the allied forces to cross over the borders towards Waziristan region from adjacent Paktya and Paktika provinces of Afghanistan. The US military official is the second one who went missing since 9/11. Earlier, Dr Markeus went missing in Kunar province of Afghanistan on July 11, 2005. However, he was handed over by one of the Afghan nationals from the area. The Afghan had complained that Dr Markeus had yet to honour his promise regarding payment of $200,000. AFP/Reuters add: US missiles on Friday slammed into a Taliban commanders hideout and a madrassa used to train militants. According to an American news agency, 17 people were killed in the US drone attacks. Three missiles were fired at militant hideouts in the first drone attack, two intelligence agency officials said. Three missiles hit an office of Mufti Noor Wali, who was once in charge of training militants for suicide attacks, one of the officials said. It was not known if Wali was among the dead, or if any foreign militants had been killed, they said. Wali is a close ally of Mehsud. It was a US drone attack. We have checked - no Pakistani aircraft was involved in this incident, a military official said. Asked about reports of two drone attacks in South Waziristan, military spokesman Major General Athar Abbas said he had 'only report of one, which was at Kokat Khel' and that officials put the death toll at 'about six'. One official had said initially that five people were killed when a missile fired by another drone slammed into a madrassa occasionally used as a training centre by Mehsuds militia in Mantoi, but other officials could only confirm the first attack. Another security official received information that at least 13 people died - three in Mantoi and more than 10 in Kokat Khel, but he said an exact figure was unclear due to the remote terrain outside direct government control.