ISLAMABAD (Online) Contrary to the tall claims of the government, there is no possibility for the completion of Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline project till December 2014, said sources. Due to slacked pace of work on Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project and other issues, there is no chance for the completion of the proposed gas pipeline project till December 2014. Therefore, the proposed date for the completion of the project can be delayed up to 4-5 months but no appropriate arrangements have been made from the government side to complete this project in time. On the other hand, the ongoing gas crisis has been escalating in the country and reached its highest peak. The Secretary Petroleum has revealed that day by day gas crisis has been heightening in the country, and if the Pak-Iran gas pipeline has been completed in its proposed time, then the situation would 4-time more badly in future. He said that due to severe shortage of gas, duration of loadshedding in winter would be 4 to 5 days in a week. Sources further told that the gas which would be acquired through Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline will be supplied only to Industrial Units while there is a possibility that the domestic customers will remain face acute difficulties due to gas crisis. It is pertinent to mention here that the agreement of Pak-Iran gas pipeline project was signed in June 2010 and from this project Pakistan would get 750 million cubic feet gas from Iran.