We have real genius traders in our society who manage to produce any conceivable thingimpure by so highly technical methods that even our best laboratories fail to detect. The common man is really wary of adulterated food items which sometimes lead to fatal diseases. The heartless traders especially in the field of manufacturingmedicinesdo not hesitate to produce fake medicines/injections which some time cause instantaneous deaths to seriously sick patients. Surprisingly we see many raids on the factories of such unscrupulous people of our society but the owners are seldom caught or punished. One finds only the workers being caught who do not know what crime they are committing. The owners of such factories are big shots and well connected. They get away with their connections in the right quarters or by paying heavy goodwill money. Lately, the Punjab government has decided to launch a vigorous drive for checking profiteering, adulteration and ensuring standard weights or measures (A news item). This was decided in a meeting held on 20th May under the chairmanship of Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharifattended by all those who matter. Thesethreesocial evilsexist inoursocietyand are as old as the history of mankind. It is the primary job ofany government to ensurethat theseevils are eliminated as it affectseveryconsumer. Unfortunately, our rulers have their own priorities and totally ignore this important aspect of good governance.Why only the Chief Minister of one province realized to launch a drive against thesemerchants of death and destruction of societyafter three years of his rule and the rulers of other provinces or the PM never thought about it? About two decades ago, a similar drive was launched against adulteration in food items but on seeing the violent protests by the traders, the government had to abandon it. Adulteration in food items is such a heinous crime that people involved should be hanged publicly. If the government awards a couple of such exemplary punishments to those who indulge in adulteration or who prepare fake medicines, no trader would ever dare to do such practice. It is easier said than done Mr Chief Minister.All the traders without any exception practice profiteering, hoarding, adulteration andunder weighing/measuringin one way or the other. The CM has formed teams for this drive as if they would perform their tasks honestly. The respective magistrates of various sectors/towns are supposed to do the samejob. But they hardly visit the markets as they are obliged by the traders and probably get freesupplies at their houses. I can tell about the Lahore cantonment, where I live,we getsub-standard and adulterated items and there is no checkby the cantonment magistrate or his rep.One findsadulteration in every item; may it be milk, meat, pulses, spices or vegetables etc. Youjust cannot get any thing pure or ata standard price. I think the Punjab Chief Minister has made a very tall claim. We, however, wish him good luck in his pursuitsfor good governance. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, June 25.