LAHORE Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hasan and leading ulema have denounced the homosexuals get together at the US embassy in Islamabad and the US administrations assurance to them. In a joint statement issued here on Sunday, they said these people were the dirt of the society who did not even deserve to be called Pakistanis not to speak of Muslims. Terming the US encouragement to these elements the worst cultural and social terrorism against the country, the ulema called upon the Pakistan government to take strict note of the matter, arrest these individuals under the law of the land and proceed against them under the Hudood Law. The US envoy, they said, should be summoned and a strong protest should be lodged. The signatories to the statement included Markazi Jamiat e Ahle Hadith chief Prof Sajid Mir, Wafaqul Madaris Secretary General, Qari Muhammad Hanif Jaulandhry, Jamia Ashrafia s Deputy chief, Maulana Fazle Rahim, Secretary General, JUI(S) Maulana Abdur Rauf, JI Secretary General, Liaquat Baloch and deputy SG, JI Dr Farid Ahmed Piracha. The Ulema said that homosexuality was the extreme form of human degradation that invited Allahs wrath and all those who wanted to promote this evil in Pakistan were the enemies of this country, the Pakistani nation and also their own self. The get together of these people with the US ambassador and the envoys assurance to them was tantamount to driving dagger in the Muslim Ummahs body. They Ulema said the American rulers had crossed all limits in their enmity towards Islam and Pakistan and this move was worse than drone and missile attacks as they were tempting the Pakistani Muslims to openly violate Islamic injunctions thus converting this country into a secular and immoral society. However, they were sure that all such designs of the US and its allies would fail as in the past. The US , they said, had embarked upon the path of self-destruction by legalizing homosexuality as would ultimately lead its society to the terrible fate met by the nation of prophet Lot.