LAHORE The Lahore Museum administration is reluctant to conduct physical verification of a huge collection of rare coins despite the strict directions by Punjab Chief Minister and the Public Accounts Committee-II, it is learnt. An insider told this scribe that audit report for the year 1999-2000 had pointed out the misappropriation of rare coins worth Rs 11.375 million in the Lahore Museum. Citing the audit report, source said certain coins had been found missing, sick, rubbed, forged or replaced in Lahore Museum. It is known that Lahore Museum contains above 40,000 coins belonging to Pre-Islamic period e.g. Kushan, Indo-Greek, Parthian, Scythian and Gupta Maurya periods. The reliable source said that in this regard PAC-II meeting held on December 20, 2002 in the Punjab Assembly wherein Audit Para 2, pages 7 & 8 Audit Report 1999-2000 was discussed. The source further said that PAC-II had directed that a broad-based inquiry should be conducted into the matter by Director General Archaeology within three months and if misappropriation was observed, criminal cases should be got registered against guilty persons responsible for the loss of public property but the PAC-II directions has not been honoured yet. The matter was also discussed in the meeting of Board of Governors of the Lahore Museum under the chairmanship of Punjab Chief Secretary, he added. According to the source, physical verification of all other collections of Lahore Museum has been completed by a team in 1998-2000 except the large collection of coins which have never been verified physically since last 23 years. The source further told that 864 artifacts (700 coins of Mughal period and 164 miscellaneous artifacts) were also reported as missing in 2006 from General Collection of Lahore Museum but no action was taken by the government. It is pity that no inquiry has been conducted in the matter even after a period of more than six years. On a complaint filed by a citizen Muhammad Anwar Sultani, the Punjab CM had taken a serious notice and issued a directive in June 2010, asking for examination of the issue and to report to the Chief Minister Secretariat but the museum administration is using delaying tactics to cover the facts. Director Humaira Alam avoided commenting on the aforesaid issue, referring to contact Naushaba Anjum, Additional Director and curator of coins collection. The additional director explained that an enquiry had been conducted by Dr Asma Ibrahim, the then Deputy Director Archaeology in 2005 and report had been submitted to the authorities concerned and the issue had been settled.