LAHORE - When the months of May and June are around, these signify closing days and weeks of a financial year. Development works are accelerated at the topmost speed and the contractors as well as their labour force, heavy machinery and equipment all are on the roads to show they are working more than ensuring completion of their projects in hand. This is essential so that the officials of the administrative departments concerned can see them working and do not hesitate in passing the bills when presented, irrespective of the fact whether the works on ground have been completed or not. As closing days of financial year 2010-11 are here, most of the roads in the provincial metropolis are all dug up for renovation, rehabilitation and expansion. Even, those roads have also been dug up which hardly needed any repairs and renovation as these too were included in the contract awarded. On June 23 afternoon, this scribe saw road near the Abid Market being dug up. Near the Waris Road, footpath which hardly needed any repair work had also been dug up a day earlier. With about a week remaining in the closure of the financial year, it was any bodys guess whether the repair work would be completed in time or not. But the contractor thus could lay the claim of starting the repair work and carrying out digging of the road and the footpath for this purpose. This was the state of the roads and footpaths almost all over the provincial metropolis. Some activity has to be undertaken on the ground so that development works are being seen by all as being executed here, there and everywhere. An elderly rickshaw driver, the other day, had commented that roads and streets are dug up all-over. Contract for most of the city roads and streets has been awarded to just one contractor because of his connections in the corridors of powers. Heavy machinery and equipment used in roads construction is seen in action for couple of days here and then work is stopped and the same is moved to some other point. He posed a pertinent question how much machinery and equipment a contractor could own or hire for carrying out development works simultaneously in different parts of the city? I had no answer to his query. But the state of most of the city roads and streets was very much before me. TrafficWardens Traffic police, now better known as the Traffic Wardens, is meant for regulating the traffic as a first priority and then resort to challans if the people do not follow and observe traffic rules. But, if you go around and observe things pretty closely then it would be seen that the Traffic Wardens, about half a dozen in every crossing are busy in challaning the scooter riders, buses and wagons drivers and least bothered and concerned with regulating the traffic on the roads. Somehow, the graduate Traffic Wardens do not stretch their hands to the owners and drivers of the cars, particularly the luxury cars, irrespective of these violating the traffic rules quite blatantly. Traffic Wardens, by and large, are equipped with officially provided motorcycles, but they are hardly seen chasing any traffic violators, be it a scooter or a car. The lanes are not being ensured. One way restrictions are flagrantly and shamefully violated and there is none to question those who do so. The other day, a journalist while going to cover the Provincial Assembly session, pointed out to a Traffic Warden standing there whether the MPAs or the cars with green number plates are allowed to move around scot free with tainted glasses. He said this is not the case as this is against traffic laws. He said but if I stop any MPA or green number plate car with tainted glass, I would be suspended within no time and even be dismissed from service for trying to do my duty honestly, efficiently and try to enforce the traffic rules. POLICE CARAVANS A senior Police officer, perhaps of the rank of the Additional Inspector General, after attending a meeting with the Law Minister or someone else, was seen going from the Assembly Chambers to the Civil Lines Police Station where his office was located. His caravan included five cars, including a luxury car in which he was seated. Two escorts vehicles in front and two at the rear. All these escort vehicles were manned by commandoes, some of which were even hiding their faces. If a Police officer needs so much security for himself then what about the man in the street? Police and commandoes vehicles which escort the Punjab Chief Minister, who prefers to be known as the Khadam-e- Ala, Provincial Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister or the Senior Advisor to the Chief Minister from Dera Ghazi Khan for that matter hardly need any mention .They are just couple of numerous sacred cows on whom the laws of the land are not applicable.