The Pakistan Paindabad (Long Live) Conference held at Al-Hamra on Saturday called for a firm adherence to Pakistan ideology to set the country on the right path and achieve its aims and objectives so clearly set out by Allama Iqbal and the Quaid-i-Azam. Thus, it was necessary to enlighten the present generation about their thoughts and the service they had rendered to the nation. The need for going 'back to basics was, perhaps, never so urgent as today when the country, as the statement issued at the end of the conference rightly highlighted, was passing through an extremely critical phase in its history buffeted by internal as well as external challenges. The statement also echoed the views of Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif, other speakers and the participants when it unambiguously demanded the end of drone attacks and the presence of US military personnel anywhere in Pakistan, including the Shamsi airbase or any other place. One cannot more agree with Mian Shahbaz that the American refusal to quit the Shamsi airbase was a slap in the face of the nation and that if we did not challenge the US defiance and failed to have it vacated history would not remember us and that time had come when we had to decide whether to die with honour or live with disgrace. While criticising the power-hungry Generals, he praised the army as a whole, saying the nation owed a debt of gratitude to it for its services. In the context of the blatant violation of our sovereignty in the Americans 'Operation Geronimo at Abbottabad, the conference stressed that the investigations should be complete and unbiased so as to comply with the parliamentary resolution on the raid and meet the public demand. It is a great pity that the government and some of its alliance partners saw no justification for any commission to conduct the required inquiry and used dilatory tactics to form such a commission, but the government intentionally did not seek the consent of its members to make sure that it soon stood aborted. But as the opposition and the media continued to put the government under intense pressure to constitute it quickly, it came up with another commission that, though, did not satisfy quite a few objectors. The conference endorsed the view that to end our involvement in the war on terror, we should hold dialogue with the disaffected lot. The statement tackled another important issue disputes with India, calling it an eternal enemy of Pakistan and urging upon the authorities not to conduct any trade with it unless it had solved the Kashmir and its offshoot water disputes. It is in open defiance of the relevant UN resolutions it has itself sponsored to resolve the Kashmir issue and is violating the Indus Waters Treaty it had signed with Pakistan to determine each countrys share of waters flowing from the disputed state. It is time the ruling leadership understood that without meeting the wishes of the people of Pakistan and Kashmir in solving the issue i.e. through a UN-supervised plebiscite there will never be durable peace in the subcontinent. And that is what our leadership should be telling the world and India.