KUWAIT CITY Pakistani Naval Frigate, PNS ALAMGIR has docked at Kuwaits Shuwaikh Port on a 'brotherly and cordial visit from July 2 to 6, during which, its staff would work on further enhancing existing relations between the two countries. We are currently on a mission of Maritime Security Operations in the Gulf of Oman and the North Arabian Sea area but sometimes in between the missions, we visit nearby friendly countries to strengthen the bond of friendship as well as fostering brotherly ties, said Naveed Ashraf, the Commanding Officer of the Pakistani Naval Frigate, PNS ALAMGIR while briefing to the media on Sunday. During the briefing given to the mediamen by navy personnel on board, one of the guides explained that the PNS ALAMGIR, an Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigate, was acquired from the United States and commissioned to the Pakistan Navy on Aug 31, 2010 at the Mayport Naval Station in Florida, United States, a deal that marked the first step in more naval ship purchases by Pakistan from the US. The Pakistan Navy requested for a few modifications to the frigate to enhance its naval combat capabilities. Pakistan Naval ships have a tradition of periodically undertaking goodwill visits to the state of Kuwait, which provide excellent platform for the navies of the two countries to interact and share brotherly ideas. Such missions by the Pakistan Navy also help in further improving the already existing strong relations between the two countries. PNS ALAMGIR, named after Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir, the sixth Muslim ruler of Great Mughal Empire, is a 4,100 tonner with an overall length of 138.1 metre and is a multi-mission capable ship, fitted with potent weapon and sensor systems, ready for modern naval warfare. The commanding officer of the ship, Captain Naveed Ashraf in his briefing to the press stated that the frigate fitted with 76mm and 25mm guns, torpedo tubes, long range surface and air search radars and electronic warfare suite, is also fitted with hi-tech, navigational and communication systems and capable of carrying two ASW organic helicopters. Ashraf said during the course of their stay in Kuwait, they would hold meetings with senior officers of Kuwait Navy as well as hold a reception to be attended by senior civil and military Kuwaiti officials, diplomats, distinguished guests and members of the Pakistani community. He added that the frigate, which is on its maiden outing from Pakistan since its acquisition, is on an anti-terror and anti-piracy mission that routinely patrols the Gulf of Oman and the Northern Arabian Sea as part of an international flotilla to keep the area safe for international maritime traffic; more than 30,000 ships pass through the Arabian Sea each year. It is hoped that this visit will reinvigorate the bilateral relations, cooperation and interoperability between the two navies in particular, as well as further garner mutual benefits from existing strong bonds of friendship between the two countries, concluded Captain Ashraf. Due to the rising threats in the region, the Pakistan Navys strategy was drastically changed and preparations were made to ensure the safety of the countrys interests in the region.