While the electricity tariff is being raised with every passing month by the government to implement the IMF conditionalties and despite the fact that people are sick of 12 to 20 hours of load-shedding, the Federal Ministry of Water and Power has sent a summary to the Prime Minister for approval of increase in the gas tariff. Once approved, the summary would hit the poor masses hard who are already crushed by the sky-rocketing prices. The proposed increase in the gas tariff include 15 per cent for domestic consumers, 18.43 per cent for industry, 69.05 for CNG and 96.06 per cent for fertiliser units. Having learnt this forthcoming increase, the Chairman of the Supreme Council of All Pakistan CNG Association has rightly demanded Mr Gilani to refrain from signing the summary and at the same time appealed Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry to take a suo moto action against the proposed increase. What is painful is the fact that the government is too willing to accept the dictation of the IMF and is ready to ruthlessly victimise its own people. On the other hand, it has not done anything to increase power generation by implementing projects already in the pipeline. Dr Samar Mubarakmund has very rightly accused the government of lukewarm response to new projects. Citing an example, he revealed that the Thar Coal reserves were discovered 20 years back and not a kilo of coal could be extracted. He has pointed his finger in the right direction. For well over 12 years not a single megawatt of electricity could be added through indigenes resources. Our reliance has, like in the past, been on borrowed resources. Be they IPPs or rental power projects, we have been opting for expensive means instead of exploring our own resources. Due to this incompetence of the ruling elite, Pakistan is suffering a loss of Rs 300 billion and rendering four lakh people jobless every year. If this indifference of federal and provincial governments continues, the situation would fast go from bad to worse.