KHAN GARH - PML-N leader Nawabzada Iftikhar Khan has said that President Asif Zardaris explosive speech at Naudero targeting PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif has not only shattered the PPPs own crafted policy of reconciliation but has also put the two conventional arch-rivals on the much-repented path of confrontational politics of the 90s as their top leaders ranted against each other in and outside parliament. The speech delivered by President Zardari does not befit a President and has fuelled the already volatile political situation in the country. He was speaking at a press conference here the other day. Nawabzada Iftikhar pointed out that after such an irresponsible speech, the president was no more a symbol of the unity of federation. He said that the President, being the supreme commander of the federation, should have exhibited more sagacity and acumen and should have avoided such a step that had ruined his image. Nawabzada argued that the country confronted a multitude of challenges but the President forgot the real issues and instead vent his spleen on the PML-N by indulging in petty politics. The country has been plagued by worst terrorism, crippling energy crisis and dwindling economy which warrants prudence and strenuous efforts on the part of the government but contrary to the fact the government has failed to rise to the challenges and steer the country out of these crises, he added. He lamented that the government had failed to provide any relief to the poor masses and had instead overburdened them with due taxes. He claimed that the corruption was on the rise and wrong polices of the government had shattered all institutions of the country. The intensity of the situation can be gauged from the fact that the government appeared unable to take stock of the peoples miseries and come up with some sort of remedy to legitimise it stay at the helm of affairs, he claimed, adding that the PPP-led government had failed at all fronts and should now step down to make up for the damage it had caused to the country. He asked the government evolve an effective strategy to address the problems of the masses who were sobbing under the multiple crises and were in the dire need of relief.