This is with reference to reports onthe presence of a rat on board Pk283 from Peshawar to Abu Dhabi on June 21. Can the Chairman and MD of PIA visualize the tragic consequences of an accident, if one such rat were to nibble few wires that run along the length of these modern day aircraft, which operate on fly by wire technology. Unfortunately, PIA like other state corporations has been riddled by incompetence through the appointment of cronies, and resultant losses that have hiked to over Rs120 billion in past three years, which force compromises on preventive maintenance. Indiscipline reigns supreme in these corporations. The Chairman PIA, who also happens to be our Minister for Defence should be aware that the US Navy has recently sacked 6 senior commanders for alcohol related indiscipline which was reported against them and few of these were placed on Youtube. In Pakistan, where alcohol consumption is banned, a senior executive of marketing was shown on You Tube dancing with a glass full of alcohol placed on his head and no disciplinary action was taken against the person, because of his political connections. It has now been reported that this executive has been promoted to a higher post. In such an undisciplined organization, it should not shock passengers if rats are found. Fatal accidents are likely to occur, if such a state of affairs continues unchecked.CAA, the regulatory body is also under the Chairman PIA, which is a conflict of interest.Passengers should thank their stars for arriving safely at their destination. PIA which was once called "Great People To Fly With" is now an airline nicknamed "Fat Rats to Fly With". GULL ZAMAN, Peshawar, July 1.