LAHORE The senior civil bureaucrats are adopting discriminatory policy in vacating GOR residences from the retired officers in violation of Chief Ministers directives, as they have served eviction notices to the police officers while allowing their senior DMG officers to continue using their palatial residences on different pretexts. Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif had directed the Chief Secretary a month back for vacating all the residences used by retired officers in GOR-I. The CM is learnt to have issued directives in pursuance of the policy of 2009 which disallowed the senior officers to maintain their GOR residences after reaching superannuation. Under this policy, the officers who manage to get postings in Punjab Public Service Commission and Punjab Services Tribunal (PST) after their retirement will not be allowed to keep residences in GOR-I. Nevertheless, the babus sitting in Civil Secretariat continued allowing their former senior bosses to keep these residences in violation of rules. After CM Punjab took notice of this anomaly, the civil officers in Civil Secretariat immediately served notices to all the PSP and DMG officers sitting in PST, PPSC and elsewhere to vacate their residences. Afterwards they were served eviction notices by the S&GAD. However, the Chief Secretary allowed two PPSC members Safdar Javed Syed and Zia-ur-Rehman to give representation to the Additional Chief Secretary for continuing possession of their residences. The act of the Chief Secretary raised many eyebrows within DMG and PSP circles as there was no room for such a representation in the rules. Interestingly, the CS has issued directives to PPSC member Pervez Rathore belonging to PSP cadre to vacate his residence immediately ,otherwise, it would be done through force. The six month official residence retention period of Tariq Saleem Dogar is ending in August 30 and they are also eyeing to take possession of his residence as well. Rathore is learnt to have lamented against this attitude that Chief Secretary had allowed Safdar Javed and Zia-ur-Rehman to given representations but he was denied such favour. The serving and retired PSP officers are of the view that the government should name GOR-I as DMG officers residence. It is further learnt that there are a number of retired DMG officers who are occupying GOR-I residence on different pretexts. The sources claimed that S&GAD has cancelled the residence of GM Sikandar and he has vacated his GOR-I,8-Golf Road on papers but factually he is still living in the same house. He is learnt to have paper possession of the house which was afterwards allotted to Muhammad Ahmed Baloch but still in the possession of GM Sikandar. Likewise, Ismail Qureshis house is allotted to Irfan Ali but he is still living in the same house. Insiders claimed that it was a 'criminal act to continuing using official residences in illegal manner. Likewise, Chairman Danish School System Yousaf Kamal retired from the service seven years back but he is still in possession of his official residence in GOR-I. The other DMG officers who retired from service but are in possession of their residence include Suleman Ghani, Zafar Iqbal, Fayyaz Bashir Warraich, Tariq Mahmood and Tariq Ayub. Sources further stated that the S&GAD had got vacated GOR residence from all the PSP officers who had either retired from service or on the termination of their contract from PST or PPSC. These officers include Azhar Hasan Nadeem, Ahmed Naseem, Shaukat Javed, and Tallat Javed. Insiders claimed that the DMG officers were overjoyed after Supreme Court had given verdict against contractual employees including Rana Maqbool, Kazim Ali Malik, Zia-ud-Din Butt and Col (Retd) Ehsan-ur-Rehman as they have direct access to the CM but after their contracts were terminated they immediately cancelled their residences and allotted these to junior officers in Grade-18&19.