There have been sixty four years to our independence, but, unfortunately, we have not been able to introduce a uniform system of education within our country. Presently, three different systems of education are working in our country. These are O/A level System (under Cambridge International Examinations-CIE), Matriculation/ F.Sc level System (governed by ourSecondary/IntermediateBoards) and the system of education atMadrissahs level (Religious education). Quite interestingly, all these threesystems of education are poles apart to one another in thinking, syllabus and approach. The elite section of our society proudly send their children to O/A level of education whereas poor and middle class sections of the same send their children to the schools(both private and public)whose final examinations and final results are conducted and announced by their respective Boards respectively. The religious minded people, however, prefer sending their children to Madrissahs of the country for seeking religious education only. The interesting thing regarding all these three systems of education is that not even a single thing is common within them. Right from the syllabus to the announcement of final results, everything is different. A/O level of education is based upon liberal ideology; whereas education revolving around our Boards isof moderate approach. And the general impression is that our Madrissahs are impartingthat education to their students which is making them intolerant and extreme both in their thoughts and practical approachtowards life with every passing day. In other words, basically with such system of education we areinculcating threeseparate concepts amongst our students which do not match to one another. Because of such glaringdisparitywithin our education systems, we have not been able to create a homogeneous thinking amongst our youth about life and its proper utility. For the creation of a classless and balanced education system, it is, therefore, necessary that we introduce a uniform system of education in our country where children of the rich, the poor and the middle class are able to get some education under the same national syllabus, underidentical examination conducting authorities throughout the country. There is no doubt we would be able to create virtues of tolerance and forbearance in our educated youth. Besides this, a classless education system would bring all the sections ofour society closer to one another, which, however, is impossible withinthe current system of education inour country. Abdul Samad Samo, Karachi, July 2.