KARACHI  - Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad Khan on Tuesday said that vast opportunities exist for successful investment in the transport sector.He was talking to a Japanese delegation led by Kanwar Idrees at the Governor House here. The President of the Hino Motors Japan, Yoshio Shirai, was also present on the occasion. The governor pointed out that Karachi is a city with a population of 20 million and that it is on the increase. Therefore, he added, an effective transport system is essential for the metropolis.Ebad was of the view that the company that would invest in the transport sector would be successful.He also pointed out that the government was endeavouring to improve the transport system. Attention is also being paid towards circular railway and the rapid bus service and matters in this regard with the Japanese government are making headway.The governor opined that more and more buses that are economical and environment-friendly are needed. He also handed over key of a bus to Bilquis Edhi. The bus was donated by president of Hino Motors Japan, Yoshi Shirai. ‘Pakistan cannot live in isolation’: Provincial Advisor Haleem Adil Shaikh has said that Pakistan cannot live in isolation having weak economic conditions.This he said while talking to a delegation of PML (Q) from Lahore at the provincial secretariat of Muslim League here Tuesday. He said that foreign policies are made on the basis of country’s interests and political considerations and countries take decision on the basis of give and take.Shaikh noted that USA had already sustained damage because of its rigidness and inflexible attitude of not seeking apology for attack on Salalah check post. If US can seek apology which is acceptable to Pakistan, it can work. However, we need to seek assurances from the USA that similar incident would not be repeated in future, he added.He was of the view that NATO does not only involves US, but other European countries are part of NATO forces.Shaikh said that Pakistan needs to improve its economic conditions and therefore it should adopt a soft attitude to improve relations with the outside world.Meanwhile, the present PPP-led democratic government has carried out numerous development works for the bettermeted by the Provincial Minister for Anti-Corruption, Abdul Haq Bhurt. He was talking to office bearers of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) in his office here on Tuesday. The Minister pointed out that the govt has taken steps for provided relief to the people and that it would continue to do so in the time ahead.He said that thousands of jobs have been provided to the people on the basis of merit.The minister said that the workers and the office bearers of the PPP are united under the leadership of the Co-Chairman and President Asif Ali Zardari.