JHANG - Seven people including two women and a minor were killed while seven other injured here in separate incidents of violence and mishaps in different of Jhang over the past 24 hours.

In the first incident, one Musarat Bibi, a resident of Mauza Bella Bangish was killed for honour. As per detail, Fazeel, a resident of Mauza Bella Bangish situated in the remit of Jhang Saddr Police suspected that his daughter Musarat Bibi had developed illicit relations with someone of the village. To avenge his disgrace, he opened firing on his daughter and killed her on the spot. The Saddar Police have registered a case against Fazeel.

In another incident one Muhabat Khan killed his former father-in-law over a family dispute. As per detail, Muhabat married with Sharifan Bibi, daughter of Barkha Dar some time back. However, after sometime Burkhardar got her daughter divorced through the court. At which Muhabat who had born a grudge killed his father-in-law with the help of his brother Slabat and an unidentified accomplice when he was grazing his herd of sheep near Chak Khokhran. The Satellite Town Police have registered a case against two nominated and an unknown accused.

Similarly, a 4-year-old minor boy was killed by the fire of his 8-year-old brother. Four-year-old year Irfan and eight-year-old Imran, both brothers, residents of Basti Chan Sial in the remit of Garh Mahraja Police were playing with a pistol of their father at their home. Meanwhile, the pistol went off, Irfan on the spot. The bereaved father did not opt for legal formalities.

Meanwhile, 28-year-old Fakhar Abbas, a resident of Rodo Sultan drowned in BRB canal. Fakhar went to Lahore with his friends for a visit. There on the insistence of friends, they went to BRB canal to take a bath. As they jumped into the canal, Fakhar Abbas Ranjha drowned into deep water. Later, Rescue 1122 and private divers reached the spot and strived to recover the body but in vain. However, a after hectic struggle for four days they managed to recover the body some 30-km away from the incident place.  In another incident of similar nature, a four-year-minor girl drowned in canal in Bhuwana.

As per detail, Ameeran Bibi, a resident of Barian Wala was washing clothes in the canal while her four-year-old daughter was playing nearby. Suddenly the minor girl slipped into the canal and drowned.

Meanwhile, in a road accident that took place at Adda Shabirabad near Bhuwana, claimed the life of a man.

According to available detail, Sher Muhammad, a resident of Mauza Aarbian was going to Jhang on his motorcycle when a speeding truck hit him at Adda Shabir Abad. Resultantly he sustained critical wounds and was taken to Allied Hospital but he breathed his last on the way.

In yet another incident, Dilbar Hussain was serious injured by his rivals. The incident occurred when he went to THQ Hospital Bhuwana to get medicine and was waiting for his turn. Meanwhile one of his rivals hit him with a brick and fled the scene. He sustained critical injuries and was referred to Allied Hospital Faisalabad. The Bhuwana Police have registered a case.  On Jhang-Chiniot Road near Adda Khewa, a speeding truck crushed five persons riding a motorcycle.

As per detail, Ali Husnain, Muhammad Javaid, Muhammad Nawaz, Rab Nawaz and Danish, resident of Jhang Saddr were going to Chiniot on a motorcycle. When they reached near Adda Khewa an over speeding truck PRQ-9084 coming from the opposite direction crushed them badly. Resultantly all of them sustain serious injuries and were admitted to DHQ Hospital where one Ali Husnain succumbed to his injuries. Later, all the four were referred to Allied Hospital Faisalabad.