LAHORE – Mindful of the fact that the “ruthless” Young Doctors’ Association put a number of patients to the sword and denied treatment to scores of others at public hospitals across the province all these days, the Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) on Tuesday threw weight behind the medics’ strike, showing a complete opposition to the government’s stance and observations of the apex court.

Reports say that over a dozen patients have lost their lives since last Sunday, while nearly 200 others died when the same group of doctors, while pressing for their “undue” demands, went on a 37-day strike in 2011.

The stance of the LHCBA is quite contrary to the numerous observations the Supreme Court and Lahore High Court made while holding hearing of petitions against the doctors’ strike.

The loss of lives and suffering of the ailing humanity did not gain any traction in the bar’s statement, to which LHCBA chief Shehram Sarwar Chaudhry and vice-president Hafeezur Rehman are signatory.

Interestingly, the senior lawyers, who had a remarkable role in the struggle for the restoration of the judiciary, also did not take the courts’ views over the strike into consideration. They, however, targeted only the PML-N-led Punjab government for carrying out a police action against the striking doctors.

“The bar criticises the crackdown (being) carried out by the provincial government and its departments without fulfilling the legal and lawful procedure. (Police) raids on houses and hostels of doctors and their arrests without FIRs are tantamount to defiling the sanctity of domestic privacy.

Every citizen had the right to raise voice for his/her rights within the constitutional ambit,” they said in the statement.