ISLAMABAD - Power outages can be reduced significantly with in a week if the government stops gas supply to the captive power plants and imposes ban on use of gas generators.“The government can produce more than 3200MW electricity by saving and managing gas appropriately,” Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha, the central chairman of All Pakistan CNG Association, stated this while giving suggestions to the government to reduce power outages just by better utilisation of gas. In a letter to the Secretary Petroleum and Natural Resources, the CNG Association said that 344-mmcfd of gas is being consumed while giving benefits to only 100 to 115 individuals through captive power. He asked the government that gas supply to captive power plants should be stopped immediately as they have alternate fuel options. He said 344-mmcfd of gas could produce up to 2000MW of electricity. “These 100-115 persons do their business 24 hours in day timings throughout the week,” the letter said.The central chairman of All Pakistan CNG Association further asked the government to immediately impose a ban on use of gas generators, as this act will save 150mmcfd gas that could produce 700MW of electricity.He said all domestic gas consumers using gas generators could be easily identified having billed above Rs 1500 in summer. Further, gas connections of all these consumers should also be disconnected if they are found using gas generators.Paracha also suggested that gas loadshedding for the industries located in Punjab province should be equalized to the CNG sector, as it would save 100 mmcfd of extra gas for the government to generate 500MW of electricity in the county. He further proposed that gas should be provided on priority to those sectors, which cannot work without gas.