I fail to understand how it all works. In budget 2012 the government had proposed to increase the prices of CNG to more than Rs. 100. This suggestion brought a stark reaction from the CNG associations across Pakistan and consumers had to suffer for many days due to their strike. My question is that why government was planning to increase the CNG prices and what has forced them not to do so rather decreasing it twice. A rationale mind would suggest some sort of corruption behind this or no planning at all. CNG is not imported so why prices were lowered? Any logic? This also brings me to a very vital question that why prices of CNG were increased from Rs. 58 to Rs. 88 in past few months? It was advertised as cheap and environment friendly fuel in early 90s, so what has changed? Is it harmful to environment now? Is government’s only job to fleece its people? Is there any organisation in this country, other than Supreme Court, which can protect the rights of Pakistanis? Do the sitting parliamentarians, minus the allies, have character to protest against government policies?


Fateh Jang, July 3.